2014. Two-Thousand and Fourteen. Any which way you say it, it just sounds bizarre. Yet, I am truly, TRULY excited about this year. I have a lot of personal goals that I have set for myself and I am looking forward to all of the possibilities this year might bring. I wouldn’t call these goals resolutions because that word just comes with too much hype and pressure, these are just more personal changes that I want to make in my life; ways to push myself.


I love this above quote. I like to think of the word training as referring to training the body, mind, and soul. I want to train myself to recognize when I do the wrong things, when I fall back into bad habits; I want to train myself physically and finally be able to get into a swimsuit and not be 100% embarrassed. (Side note: I am never going to be a skinny, twiggy thing … and I never want to be. I love my curves and am proud of them. But there is a huge difference between being unhappy with your body and being unhealthy. I’m currently in the unhealthy stage and I need to reverse that REAL QUICK. Where did all this fat come from?!?!)

On another note,  I just turned thirty this year. Freaking 30 years old. Seriously, how did that happen? Wasn’t I JUST 24 last week and studying for college classes? I am excited for my thirties, since they are the “new 20s” and all, but it still is just too strange. So … with the brand new year, and this brand new stage in my life, I am hoping for a wonderful year full of changes and happiness.

I hope everyone else is having a great start to the new year as well!


ImageMy mom, myself and brother during Christmas 🙂



October Birchbox


Happy late October everyone!

So I actually received my October Birchbox about a week ago, but I wanted to use these products as much as possible and give you a good and true review of them. There was an item that I received this month that I was ecstatic about! So hopefully you guys enjoy my review 🙂

Pssst….. still don’t know what Birchbox is? Click here to read my first post about it.

Also, here is my code to use to sign up for some Birchbox happiness for yourself.

First Item:  Miss Jessie’s Creme De La Creme Conditioner


Verdict: So I had to find the time to actually use this stuff because you are supposed to let it sit in your hair for 30 minutes after you shampoo your hair. So I shampooed, combed the conditioner through my hair, put a shower cap on so it wouldn’t drip everywhere, and watched 30 minutes of Law & Order. Oh how I love Law & Order, but that is another story.

After I washed the conditioner out, I could definitely feel a difference! It says that it is for curly hair, and my natural hair is on the curly side, but I normally use a straight iron on my hair so my clean hair lasts a few days longer. This deep conditioner was wonderful and definitely kept my frizzies away. I *almost* didn’t have to use my flat iron to make my hair sleek and straight, it was that nice. Also, I only used about half of this sample size, so I get to use it more than once. Bonus!

Second Item: Chap Stick Hydration Lock in Vanilla Creme


Verdict: Chapstick is already my most favorite lip balm, so I knew I would be using this down to the last bit. It honestly doesn’t seem like too much of a difference than a regular Chapstick, but I don’t really suffer from dry lips so I guess it didn’t have much to heal and take care of. It feels amazing though and the vanilla creme scent is super yummy! I will definitely be buying this when I run out.

Third Item:  POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer in Floating RoseIMG_4767

Verdict: So I am not a huge fan of lipglosses. There are a few that I love, but I am pretty picky about them.  This lip gloss was supposed to be pretty cool because of it’s applicator (it’s a slanted plastic tip) that allows you to apply the gloss more precisely, but it didn’t wow me. The texture of the gloss is pretty sticky, but the color is nice. I probably will just hand this one over to a friend.

Fourth Item:  *Drum Roll please*

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser



Verdict: Oh … happy happy dance. THIS STUFF IS SO GOOD. So, as I have gotten older (I’m counting down the days until my 30th, crap) I have been trying to take better care of my skin. This product is known as “the Liz Earle regimen that has taken Europe by storm” and has crossed the pond over to the US.  Also, it has won over 90 beauty awards. Obviously it is doing something right.

So what is it? Basically, it is a phenomenal face wash that also comes with a muslin cloth that are to be used together. You start with a dry face and just rub the cream around your face in circular motions (it is even safe to use on your eyes and lashes), get the muslin cloth wet with hot water, and then slowly wipe the cleanser off your face with the warm cloth.  While taking off all of your makeup (yes, even waterproof makeup isn’t a match for this) the cloth is also removing the dead skin cells from your face.

I remember when I first used my Clarisonic Mia to clean my face, and I thought that I had never felt anything better and my skin had never felt cleaner. Well, for about 1/5 of the price I found something that I like ever better.

Yes … I’m serious. There is a kit here through Birchbox that you can purchase and it is only $24.95 for the cleanser and two clothes. The clothes will last you a long time also, you don’t just use it once and then toss it.  I seriously feel like every night when I am cleaning my face with this stuff that I am at a spa. It contains Eucalyptus Oil, beeswax, hops, rosemary, and chamomile (just to name a few) in it, which I love.

Fifth Product: folle de jolie eau de parfum


Verdict: This is a fragrance that I had never heard of before, but I loved the name and packaging of it.  It is described as “A captivating scent with a modern blend of mandarin, rose, and sandalwood.” It seems HEAVENLY. I have a very few amount of scents that I adore, and this one has quickly been added to that list. It is light and not overwhelming, and for some reason when I smell it throughout the day it makes me smile. (Has that ever happened to you??) A full size of this goes for $98.00, which is definitely out of my price range, so I am saving every little bit of this sample that I can.

So all in all, this month’s box was wonderful. I think I am going to make my very first purchase from the Birchbox store and grab more of the Liz Earle cleanser once mine runs out.

My Fall Hair

So after all of the fun of looking at Pinterest and hair photos for inspiration, I went in to my wonderful hair stylist Anabelle at Salon Sessions and told her that I wanted to warm my color up somehow. I showed her my inspirational photos, and I knew I wanted some type of highlight/balayage/something done to my hair.

You know, something fancy.

So I basically let her do her thing and am SO happy with my results. She painted on several different colors to combine a coppery red/light brown/caramel result, and I love it!. Here are some of the pictures that I took right afterwards.

IMG_4684(the obligatory foil in the hair photo)

IMG_4694This photo shows more of the coppery red highlights that pop up in the sunlight

IMG_4714Here it is inside my home, where you can see more of the caramel colors. I’m so happy with it, and it looks good whether I curl it or straighten it.

Inspirational Links from the Week

It’s a nice Saturday over here in our household: we are watching funny movies with friends, have chips and dip on the table, and just enjoying the day. While the boys are currently watching a hilarious British zombie movie, I am having fun blogging and looking up inspirational photos for some Fall looks. So here is a roundup of what I’m currently loving (and of course, had to share with you all!)

1) Modern Muse: Anna Karina Style How-To

Article by Into The Gloss

 2) Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere

Her interview on ITG  (part 1 here)  (part 2 here)

I especially loved the 2nd part of her interview where she talks about her dedication to her blog and how she has gone to her first post to her current day successes

3. This Scottie dog sweater from C Wonder

(it has red elbow patches!!!)


4. A great new beauty (and everything else) website called Beyond The Row.

5. Not that I can afford it …. but the new Tom Ford Fall line is heaven on earth.

Testing. Testing. 1..2…3…

 Hi everyone!! So I don’t know what is going on, but my last two drafts that I have written have been eaten alive by WordPress right before I hit the “post” button. Gah, so annoying! Anyways, I hope to be up and running again soon with my October Birchbox review, StitchFix review, and a post about my new favorite store, C Wonder!


Hopefully I’ll get this figured out and see you all soon 🙂



Essie Holiday 2013

AHHHHHH. Okay, I got that part out. I am SO excited about these! Lately I haven’t found any polishes that rock my world ( I really didn’t find any oohs and ahhs in the latest Essie launch) but this is finally something that I am ready to start counting down for.

Essie’s holiday collection is named “Encrusted Treasures” and I think that name is perfect for these polishes. Texture, glitter, lace effects and more are what Essie has packed into these beauties to really make them pop and be something special.


There are 6 total shades in this launch:

Left to right:

Belugaria: Holographic Jet Black Lace

Peak of Chic: Alpine White Holographic Rainbow Fringe (that’s a mouthful, geesh!)

On A Silver Platter: Pearlescent Gold with Holographic Violet Glitter

Left to Right (below):

Lots of Lux: Shimmering Lapis Lazuli  with a superfine matte finish

Ignite the Night: Sparkling Hematite with a superfine matte finish

Hors d’ Oeuvres: Platinum gold with iridescent silver glitter

I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking up Belugaria, A Silver Platter, and Lots of Lux as soon as these come out!

(images via Beautezine & Essie)

Fall Hair Ideas

If I haven’t already mentioned how much I love Fall, then let me remind you: I LOVE FALL!!!! I am getting my hair done tomorrow and have been perusing Pinterest (ps I love Pinterest too …. best website idea ever) for some Fall hair inspiration.  Here are some of my favorites so far:

Love the mixture of reds and browns. Also absolutely in love with the actual hair style too.

I really like the melted color look. I think this looks a lot better than the actual ombre (ombre is all one solid color on the bottom half of your hair, melted color is a mixture of colors to make it more natural)

I like that even though this is a lighter brown color, it still feels warm and perfect for Fall


Perfect chestnut brown


Warm red-brown

I wish my hair was this long and gorgeous. Good lord!

So those are my top “looks” and I am trying to figure out which route to take: go for the reds or stick with brown and get some warm golden highlights. Hmm….


What fall trends have you guys been enjoying so far??