Essie Silk Watercolors 2015

There is a new nail trend in town folks. Let me introduce to you Essie’s new Watercolor nail polishes!

1940_0 It seems as if the major nail color companies are banking on this new trend being the next big thing in nail art. Although there is not much information as to exactly how these nail polishes work, it seems that you can layer the colors of your choice together to create fancy, watercolor-type nail designs that will blend together easily and not become crazy goopy.

Essie_Nail_Polish OPI has a similar line from the past called Sheer Tints (remember those?) that seem similar to this Essie idea, but the Essie polishes have a lot more color options and seem to have a much better color pay-off.

OPI did just announce their Watercolor equivalent line which is called “Color Paints”. They seem like they will be the same type of product, so I guess at this point it comes to which line you personally favor although it does seem like Essie’s launch has a lot more color offerings!


My take? I’m always excited about new launches and love to try out new products, so I will definitely give these a try. My only concern at the moment though is that this is going to get expensive …..

If you want to have fun and layer multiple colors then you are going to have to buy all of those colors, too. I would at least want three to play around with so that would get expensive fast. I guess the upside is that you could have a lot of looks to play with, even if you just have the three … or four….


2 thoughts on “Essie Silk Watercolors 2015

    • clynnwright says:

      Tia – I finally found some in Marin at the San Rafael Ulta. They were selling a little kit with the white and four of the watercolors! They were mini versions of the polishes but it was a perfect kit to try them 🙂

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