Holiday Finds

So during my blogging hiatus during the holidays, I had so many fun finds that I don’t even know where to start in order to catch-up with it all. So since I am lazy, I am just going to post a bunch of my photos from the holidays so you can see all those little things that make me giddy šŸ™‚


My first obsession: HOLIDAY CHAPSTICKS! I can’t even begin to tell you the hunt that I went on in order to find these limited edition Chapsticks.


ImageObsessed. I also found last year’s limited editions (Red Velvet Cake and Cake Batter) at a Walmart grocery store during my search for these, so now I have enough chapsticks to last the whole year. Oops šŸ™‚

Second Obsession: Rihanna for Mac in Riri-Woo


So, I have to admit, I think I was so fixated on getting this because of a) the hype surrounding it and b) the fact that it was SO hard to get. I just happened to check the MAC website one evening when they got a brand new shipment in, and I somehow scored a tube before it sold out again. And honestly, I haven’t even had a chance to wear it yet. But I have to admit I feel pretty special that I can say I own a tube now šŸ˜‰ (makeup addict problems 101 class now beginning….)

Third Find:

ImageLiterary Band-Aids! An English teacher’s DREAM.


ImageMy Alive + Olivia for Starbucks mug. I had seen these online and was positive I wouldn’t see one in a store: I knew these would sell out in a hot second! So one night I went to the movies with the hubby and went to go grab my Americano from the local ‘bux, and I saw one of these beauties hiding behind a bunch of other holiday mugs. Score!

Did you guys find any special items during the Holidays that just made you all giddy and excited? I love seeing what other people find!



2014. Two-Thousand and Fourteen. Any which way you say it, it just sounds bizarre. Yet, I am truly, TRULY excited about this year. I have a lot of personal goals that I have set for myself and I am looking forward to all of the possibilities this year might bring. I wouldn’t call these goals resolutions because that word just comes with too much hype and pressure, these are just more personal changes that I want to make in my life; ways to push myself.


I love this above quote. I like to think of the word training as referring to training the body, mind, and soul. I want to train myself to recognize when I do the wrong things, when I fall back into bad habits; I want to train myself physically and finally be able to get into a swimsuit and not be 100% embarrassed. (Side note: I am never going to be a skinny, twiggy thing … and I never want to be. I love my curves and am proud of them. But there is a huge difference between being unhappy with your body and being unhealthy. I’m currently in the unhealthy stage and I need to reverse that REAL QUICK. Where did all this fat come from?!?!)

On another note,Ā  I just turned thirty this year. Freaking 30 years old. Seriously, how did that happen? Wasn’t I JUST 24 last week and studying for college classes? I am excited for my thirties, since they are the “new 20s” and all, but it still is just too strange. So … with the brand new year, and this brand new stage in my life, I am hoping for a wonderful year full of changes and happiness.

I hope everyone else is having a great start to the new year as well!


ImageMy mom, myself and brother during Christmas šŸ™‚