My Fall Hair

So after all of the fun of looking at Pinterest and hair photos for inspiration, I went in to my wonderful hair stylist Anabelle at Salon Sessions and told her that I wanted to warm my color up somehow. I showed her my inspirational photos, and I knew I wanted some type of highlight/balayage/something done to my hair.

You know, something fancy.

So I basically let her do her thing and am SO happy with my results. She painted on several different colors to combine a coppery red/light brown/caramel result, and I love it!. Here are some of the pictures that I took right afterwards.

IMG_4684(the obligatory foil in the hair photo)

IMG_4694This photo shows more of the coppery red highlights that pop up in the sunlight

IMG_4714Here it is inside my home, where you can see more of the caramel colors. I’m so happy with it, and it looks good whether I curl it or straighten it.


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