Inspirational Links from the Week

It’s a nice Saturday over here in our household: we are watching funny movies with friends, have chips and dip on the table, and just enjoying the day. While the boys are currently watching a hilarious British zombie movie, I am having fun blogging and looking up inspirational photos for some Fall looks. So here is a roundup of what I’m currently loving (and of course, had to share with you all!)

1) Modern Muse: Anna Karina Style How-To

Article by Into The Gloss

 2) Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere

Her interview on ITG  (part 1 here)  (part 2 here)

I especially loved the 2nd part of her interview where she talks about her dedication to her blog and how she has gone to her first post to her current day successes

3. This Scottie dog sweater from C Wonder

(it has red elbow patches!!!)


4. A great new beauty (and everything else) website called Beyond The Row.

5. Not that I can afford it …. but the new Tom Ford Fall line is heaven on earth.


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