Maybelline Baby Lips Electro – Oh, Orange! Review

Electro Lips

If you are like me, you have seen this little guys at your local beauty store and have said “Ok, I’m obsessed with the original line, but WHY IN THE WORLD would they come out with neon colors? Seriously, green? Orange? YELLOW?”

(If that isn’t what you were thinking when you saw them, then just smile and nod 🙂 )

So during a trip to Target today, I found myself staring at them and really wanting to try them. They are only around $2.50-3.00 each, depending on where you shop at, so I felt like I couldn’t really go wrong. I love my clear Baby Lips so much that I was willing to trust them.

So, I decided to be a little risky and I tried the orange color! And, the verdict? I am pretty much loving it and can’t wait to wear it during the day tomorrow!

Oh, Orange! Baby Lips Electroohorange

Now here are my swatches …. I was a little too excited about this and decided to take the photos in my car, but I feel that the lighting is at least realistic.

IMG_4460(The underside of my arm obviously never sees the sun)


It is somewhat of a coral orange that isn’t too heavy in color. This is about 2 swipes of it over my lips, but I am sure if you put more of it on it would definitely pack a punch (a good punch, that is).

It also has a citrus-orange smell to it too … which is nice.

My verdict? Definitely worth the $2.79 I paid for it.

Now I’m curious about the other colors …


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