My August Birchbox


Oh, Birchbox. Why do you always do this to me? Just when I think I’ve become somewhat bored of your contents you give me a box full of wonderful things to pull me back in.  I think they must know when I am feeling like it is time to cancel so they send me a box full of things I love to keep getting that $10.00 a month from me.

Now, don’t get me wrong …. I love, LOVE, love Birchbox, but lately I have felt like the products I have been receiving have been slightly boring. They are always the same products: a primer, a CC or BB cream, a perfume sample,  a face wash or a shampoo. Even though those products are still great quality, I’m bored and want something new that I haven’t tried before, which is originally why I even started to subscribce to Birchbox.

With that being said … this month was finally fun! Hooray! So here is a run down of the goodies that I received from the good ol’ box:

This month’s theme was “Finishing School” and it focused on all of those finishing touches that we need when getting ready.

IMG_4402Miss Jessie’s Original

Rapid Recovery Treatment & Super Sweetback Treatment

What is it? Nourishing Super Sweetback promotes hair growth, and Rapid Recovery smooths damaged strands.

My Review: So far I have used only the Rapid Recovery treatment and LOVED it. I left it in my hair for about 7 -10 minutes and rinsed it out, and immediately I could tell my hair was undeniably silky. I have naturally curly hair, so because I straighten it on a normal basis I definitely don’t mind the extra hydration and help for my damaged mane. I also will get about three uses out of each of these, so bonus points for that! I can’t wait to use the Sweetback one next.

IMG_4403TanTowel Classic Formula Self-Tan Towelettes

What is it? A streak-free self-tanning wipe for fair to medium tans. Bonus: It exfoliates and moisturizes.

My Verdict: So I used this on my legs the other day, and I have to admit I was pretty happy with the results. It didn’t seem to orange (thankfully). The only problem was that It wasn’t depositing enough color onto my second leg, so it became a tad bit streaky. So I really do like these, but I needed one more to cover both legs equally :/

IMG_4406Arcona Cranberry Exfoliator

What is it? Winner of the Best Beauty award from Allure, this scrub is simply delicious. A potent blend of salicylic acid, volcanic minerals, sucrose, and fruit enzymes works hard to cleanse, exfoliate, and purify, providing your skin with major antibacterial benefits.

My Verdict: My pores are singing a song to the scrub gods. This is simply amazing! Use only 2-4 times a week on your face and neck, and it helps to clean your skin while also using salicylic acid to dig deep into those pores: perfect!

IMG_4407Model Co. Party Proof Matte Lipstick in Disco Fever

What is it? The concentrated, vitamin-rich formula heals dryness while coating lips in long-lasting color.

My Verdict: This is why I love Birchbox: it forces me to try things I normally wouldn’t. I normally wouldn’t even take a second look at a color like this in a store ( I always go for berries and pinks) but I LOVE this. It doesn’t dry out your lips like most matte lipsticks do, and I love how the coral/orange color brings out my hazel eyes.

 So, the only downside is that they forgot to put a quad eyeshadow pallet in this box, but I e-mailed them and they are right on it and are sending me one out stat, which is awesome. So once I get that I’ll show that to you guys, as well.

All in all, I loved this box and it helped to re-inspire my love for this company. All of these goodies for only $10 a month? Sold.

Good job, Birchbox!!

If you are interested in grabbing your own subscription to Birchbox …. click here!

Have a wonderful day, friends 🙂


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