Something Worth Mentioning …

One thing I have learned about higher-end makeup brands is that it is ALWAYS worth it to check their websites. There are constantly good combo deals or just plain clearance items that are worth checking out.

Below,  I have some of the items that stood out the most to me from my favorite brands: Urban Decay, Tarte, and Benefit. If you have a favorite brand that you always look at while at Sephora or Ulta, but don’t want to spend the money on the majority of their items, then definitely give their websites a look. Here are some of the items that are definitely worth it.

I was able to buy two new eye pencils from UD that I have been wanting for a while now, too! *score!*

Urban Decay

247eyepencil_alt2Urban Decay’s 24/7 Vintage Glide-On Eye Pencils: select colors are only $6.00 at the moment!

This is a total steal if you are an UD lover like me because the eye pencils are normally $19.00.

I just bought two colors that I have been lusting over for quite some time: Eldorado (gold) and 1999 (plum with teeny gold glitter)



Tarte Amazonian clay waterproof cream eyeshadow and brush for $21.00

This is a great deal for several reasons: first, the color is a gorgeous gold-bronze that would look perfect for end of summer tans; second, the eyeshadow could actually be used as an eyeliner that would be stunning; third, the brush that comes with this kit could easily be a $25 brush. I own this brush from a previous kit from Tarte and I use it for all of my cream shadows: It is a total life savor and makes this kit even more worth it.


Benefit “Double The Powder!” : Benefit’s best-selling and award-winning Hoola bronze powder paired with the perfect pink color Thrrrob for only $34.00. Normally, each powder is $28.00 on its own!



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