My First Stitch Fix


What exactly is Stitch Fix, you ask? WELL, let me tell you!

What is it?

Have you ever heard of Birchbox? Well StichFix is like Birchbox, but with clothes. Basically, you pay $20.00 per box that you order (you can have boxes delivered monthly, or just order one whenever you feel like it) and it contains clothes and jewelry that have been hand-picked by your own personal stylist. When you sign up for your StitchFix, you fill out an online style form that has basic sizing questions and even contains photos of clothes so you can show your stylist which clothes you gravitate towards (I personally gravitated towards the casual and preppy). There is also a section where you can link your Pinterest to your profile so your stylist can see which clothes you’ve pinned and what you like! ( Isn’t that brilliant?)

So, what happens when you get your box?

Once you get your box, you get to go through all of your new goodies like it’s Christmas Day and see what you like. You have three days to send back anything you don’t like, either. I loved this idea because it gave me time to decide what I really liked vs. what I thought looked good at first sight. Each item of clothing comes with an awesome tag which shows you different ways to wear that particular piece. This was perfect for me, because I’m honestly horrible at putting together outfits.

I figured out what I want to keep, now what do I do?

When you have tried on all of your new goodies and decided on an item (or more) to keep, then you go online and let them know what you are going to keep. There is also an area for each item where you can let your stylist know why or why not you chose that item, which will help her to make your next box more “perfect” for you.  Each fix comes with a pre-paid mailer that you just slip the un-wanted goodies back into and ship back to the fix headquarters.

Alright, so what about the pricing?

So, each fix costs you $20.00, BUT you can apply that $20 towards an item of clothing that you want to keep. So, for example, you choose to keep one shirt from your box and it is $49.00, well then you apply the $20 box charge to that and the shirt will end up only being $29.00 for you. Also, if you choose to keep all five items that are in the box, then you get a 25% discount on your whole order.


Pros:  I think StitchFix is a brilliant idea. For people like me that have trouble figuring out complete outfits, I love that each item comes with two suggestions on how to wear it. I think StitchFix is also awesome for new moms or women who don’t get to go shopping for themselves too often; StitchFix helps to keep you stylish and it’s super easy!

Cons: Overall, I think the clothes that they send are a tad bit pricey. They seem to be good quality though, which is a plus sign if you don’t mind spending $90 or more on a pair of jeans. You can specify your price desires when placing your order, but I don’t think they will send you anything that is much under the $30 range (although I don’t know that for sure, yet). Then again, I am use to shopping the Target clearance rack so obviously I don’t buy the nicest or priciest things on a normal basis, either.

Here is a quick video that explains StitchFix as well

So, here is my very first fix!! Overall, I was pretty happy with it. I decided to only keep one shirt, although I really wanted to keep the jeans as well, but they were just too expensive for me at the moment.

(Sorry about the poor-quality photos, but I was in a rush and my phone and mirror had to fill in for the time being!)

Moni Stud Detail Woven Top – $58.00

(I loved this shirt and it was the one I decided to keep!)



Enclosed Gems & Cluster Necklace – $38.00


Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Jacket- $48.00


Weaverly Cross-Front Plaid Blouse – $58.00

(This was the one and only thing that I didn’t like in my fix. I just

wasn’t feeling the color and fit)



Simmons Bootcut Jeans by Kut From The Kloth – $98.00

(These jeans fit me perfectly and I really did like them, I just didn’t

want to spend the money)


So there is my very first StitchFix. I can’t wait for my next one in September: I am going to specify that I need some clothes for work (teaching) and see what they send me.

So hopefully I persuaded you to give StitchFix a try. If I did,  here is a link for you to use so you can order your first fix!! 

I can’t wait to see what you guys get if you try it out. Let me know!


2 thoughts on “My First Stitch Fix

  1. clynnwright says:

    Amanda, I know …. this could really get me into trouble too. But what I am really enjoying is that it is making me try on pieces that I normally wouldn’t and also helping me to learn how to better dress myself. Taking pictures of the clothes and remembering styles I like will help me when I go and pick out cheaper things at Marshals and Target, too 🙂

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